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Red Epic-X with Dragon 6K sensor. 


The Red Epic Dragon has become a little cultish. It's due to a combo of the unique look that this sensor provides + the stunning image quality that the Epic camera brain can deliver. We find it to be the sweet spot in Red's production timeline where character of image, and quality of image, were evenly met.




Lightweight Kit includes:


. Red Epic-X Dragon 6K Camera Brain

. Red Cine Zoom 18-50mm T3 (f2.8)

. PL + EF Lens Mounts

. Red LCD

. Red side grip

. Red EVF back module

. Wooden Camera V-Mount plate

. 3 x Core SWX 98wh V-Mount Batteries + Charger

. 4 x 128GB Redmags + Redmag reader & cables

. 15mm Rod support

. Wooden Camera side handle

. All required power cables, control cables, SDI/BNC cables included

. Large Road Case

Red Epic-X Dragon - Lightweight Kit

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