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The Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 4D is a low profile slim-line, high output haze machine. Designed for larger events and functions this water-based hazer also delivers a constant output to help enhance your lighting show. The hazer features an adjustable blower speed and output via the digital menu for complete stand-alone use. It also includes an adjustable front scoop for angling the effect upwards. You can use it to work as a stand-alone unit or as part of a larger set-up with the wired FC-T remote or DMX connectors.



. Chauvet Hurricane HAZER

. Controller

. Power cord

. Carry Case

. Haze Fluid


Tech Specs:

DMX Channels: 2

DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR

Heat-Up Time: 2 min

Input Voltage: 230 VAC, 50 Hz

Power and Current: 1120 W, 4.8 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz

Weight: 6 kg

Size: 277 x 396 x 245 mm

Approvals: CE, cULus

Tank Capacity: 3.75 l

Output: 4,300 cfm

Fluid Consumption: 10 ml/min

Compatible Fluids: HFG, HJ5, HMM-5


Easily set DMX address using built-in digital display

The Hurricane Haze 4D includes both a built-in volume and fan speed knobs that offer smooth, stand-alone operation. When used in conjunction with a DMX controller via the 3-pin XLR the Hurricane Haze 4D offers 2x DMX Channels to work with. With a 2 minute Heat-up-time and a tank capacity of 3.75 Litres; the Hurricane Haze 4D will add an additional dimension and atmosphere to any lighting show. Furthermore, the Hurricane Haze 4D ships with Power Cord, Controller and Hanging Bracket with mounting hardware.


Benefits of a Haze Machine

The Hurricane Haze 4D, or haze generator (also commonly referred to as a hazer); creates an effect similar to a fog machine. It is designed to produce unobtrusive, homogeneous clouds suspended in the air intended primarily to make light beams visible or create a subtle diffusion. The effect of a low fogger is similar to that of a smoke machine. They are both designed to create a visual effect/impact, whereas a haze machine is designed to emphasize other effects such as lighting beams or lasers. It is a simpler method but does not have the length of run time as the cryogenic machine.

Chauvet Hurricane HAZER

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